“Handbemalte Fliese 5x5, Seville buy in Mexican Tiles Online-Shop for Europe and the World.”

Handbemalte Fliese 5x5, Seville

Price per Item:
1.10 EURO
(incl. 19% Mwst.)

more than 100 tiles
only 0.99 EURO

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kleine Deko-Fliese, gebrannt, glasiert
Handbemalt, zur Wandverfliesung in Innenräumen wie Küchen, Bäder, Wintergärten. Motiv: Seville
diameter: 5x5 cm
Herkunft: Mexiko



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 Question from : T.
Please can you confirm that these tiles are suitable for a kitchen floor? Thank you
Answer from: Melanie Kuipers
The tiles we offer are wall tiles. We have been selling Mexico tiles for almost 15 years now and very often have been supplying customers in those days who have used the tiles in the floor area as well, especially in bathrooms or kitchens. Our tiles have no classifications of scratch resistance and slip resistance and can be damaged in busy areas. Conversely, rooms or areas that are less frequent are less likely to be used on the floor. Therefore, our advice is: laying on the ground at your own discretion. So far we have not received any negative feedback.
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 Question from : K.
Hallo Wieviel Rabatt wäre bei dieser Kachel bei 25 Stck. möglich?
Answer from: xxx
Hallo, sofern Sie noch heute bestellen, könnten Sie unsere 12% - Aktion - die heute ausläuft - noch nutzen, ansonsten fangen unsere Mengenrabatte ab 50 Fliesen an.
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